What Are Some Good Smells from A Farm? 10 Comforting Aromas that Linger about Farms

What are some good smells from a farm

What are some good smells from a farm? The answer varies according to each person. Some may find the smell of earth and rain pleasing, while others may find the odor of manure heart-warming. Smell is something like taste. It differs. And it differs on the situation, the environment and the source. And very interestingly, whether you like a smell or not depends on what you associate with the smell.

Yes, our sense of smell has a strange way of associating with a certain memory or experience. The earthy smell of new rain is my favorite smell in the world, and whenever I get the opportunity to smell it in the concrete jungle of my life, I am reminded of the comfort of the little farm I grew up in.
So what are some good smells from a farm to you? Here are some smells I find wonderful and nostalgic…

What are some good smells from a farm?

1. Freshly turned soil, earth and moisture mixed within

Why is this smell so special? Because it’s not always you can smell it. It’s very faint and pleasing. And it’s more prominent early morning when you have a whole day’s worth of work before you, but you must stop and breathe in the comforting scent. It’s a way nature tells us that ‘everything’s okay, and today is a new day’ in the simplest form possible.
When it begins to rain, and after the downpour, the perfume is strong, ecstatic and soothing. The water and soil conjure charms in the air, and suddenly I cannot work anymore. I must sit and relax with a steaming cup in hand.

2. Fresh hay

The strong scent of fresh hay can be breathtaking. Hay reminds you of farming and cows and barns. The smell takes over most of your farm. Good quality hay smells so good you can roll around and sleep on it.

3. The kitchen smells of Homemade food.

Of course, this smell is not unique to farms, but they do tend to smell stronger in a farm setting somehow. The smell of homemade bread and buns baking is only second to the smell of rain. Hot apple pies, blackberry pies and hand-picked fruit. The smell of a warm jug of milk to go with it. Fresh maple syrup or the smell of bee honey to go with your pancakes. Tomatoes, peaches and homemade strawberry jam. Just about anything homemade has an amazing mouth-watering smell. No wonder you are always hungry when on a farm!

4. Cows. And milk

Cows don’t really smell good, but when they are not around, you miss their scent. Does this make it a good smell? Cows smell of cow manure, silage, grass and, well, cows. It’s funny how any scents you can grow to, like when you have been living on a farm for a long time.
And milk, yes, they smell of cows too. But better. There’s nothing like the smell of fresh milk being squirted into a bucket under a cow. There is definitely something heady about the smell, something sweet and sticky and yet fulfilling.

5.  Goats

I know goats are meant to smell bad, but when you are a person who loves your dear goats, it’s difficult not to love their smell too. And they smell better after a good bath once in a while. Their milk smells too, but the sweet cinnamon taste makes up for it.

6. Silage

Silage that has been fermenting for some time under a tarp and it’s ready to be fed to the cattle. The smell is overpowering and awesome.

7. Crop

The smell of a crop ready to be harvested is the most important smell in the world, especially to a farmer. It smells of all your hard work paid off, all your dreams realized, and of course, it smells of money to pay your bills too. Each type of crop has its own unique smell, but pure organic crops smell the best of all.

8. The barn

The barn smells of a mixture of comfort, cows, silage, milk and manure. There are smells you can identify and smells that are so amalgamated with others that you don’t know which is which. So it just gets classified as a barn smell.

9. Compost fertilizer

Compost fertilizer made from the manure of animals, hay and everything that is decomposable. When you take the rich soil in your hands after many months of composting, the smell is good.

10. Flowers!

How could I miss this? Wildflowers that grow around the farm not only make your farm look pretty, but they also smell great. And when a light breeze brings their scent your way, your heart brims with sudden happiness.

So what are some good smells from a farm to you?

The kind of smell you like would vary depending on what you associate with the smell and what it means to you. Personally, I despise the stench of pigs and manure in general. But everything else about a farm smells awesome. Do you have any good farm smells to add to the list? Please comment below!

There is a reason why I don’t like pig farming in general apart from their bad smell. Read this article for the harmful effects of pig farming on the environment.

*All pics are taken from Unsplash.com