We have exciting news!


We are opening our doors to you and your family. You can now visit us on weekends or during the weekdays when we’re open. We hope you join us in our new adventure!


    • Weekend – 10 am- 4 pm
    • Weekdays -8 am- 6 pm
    • We are closed on Public Holidays.


In addition to being able to visit us, we also offer packages that include activities and amenities for you to enjoy with your little ones. The packages start at 15$ per adult and 10$ per child.


There will be no fee for kids under the age of 2.


The package include:


– Garden area

We have a picnic area with benches, tables, and grills for you to use.

You can bring your food and have some picnic-related experience here.


– Feeding animals.

There is also a feeding area where you can feed the animals if you wish!


– Photo location

You can contact us for all types of photo shoots. We have so many breathtaking views in our location.


Rules you have to follow,


  • Please be kind to our animals,
  • Respect others,
  • Only feed our preferred food.
  • The animals are fed twice daily, so please be mindful of their feeding schedule.
  • Please be careful with your babies and kids.


We want everyone to have a good time at our farm. So come and Enjoy!!