Cost to Install Goat Fencing in 2023

cost to install goat fencing

Cost to Install Goat Fencing: Introduction

Goat fencing is no easy task. Goats are notorious adventurers that will run away from your farm at the slightest sign of negligence. So it is incredibly important to have your farm well secured with a sturdy goat fence that will successfully keep them in.

But investing in goat sturdy goat fences may be expensive. How much does it cost to install goat fencing in 2023?

The answer varies according to many factors like the length of the fence, the type of fencing. The cost also depends on many other variants like your goat breed, your type of farming philosophy, the resources you have etc.

All types of fencing have their ups and downs. If it’s absolutely goat-proof, then it is bound to be expensive. If it’s the traditional fencing type, there is bound to be a buck that can outsmart the fence.

Conditions that Affect the Cost to Install Goat Fencing

One of the factors that will affect your cost is the area and how many goats you have on your farm. A single goat should need at least 250 square feet of space. Two goats would need 500 square feet of space. According to others, you can manage to have about 12 goats per acre.

Calculate how much fencing you need by measuring around the area you need fencing.

Another factor is the height of the goat fencing. Depending on the breed of goat you are raising, you will have to set the height of the fence. Ideally, you should set it for at least 4 feet high, but for breeds that can jump high, like Nubians, set it at least 5 feet.

Fences should also be set as low as possible because they will also try to escape from underneath.

The cost of the fencing you want to be installed will also depend on the gaps you leave in between. It should be close enough for them not to get their heads stuck in between. If you are raising horned goats, you will have to be even more careful with the space in between fencing. Getting their horns stuck in between fencing can be deadly for them.


Cost to Install Goat Fencing

Installing a fence for your goat will cost about $2.5 per linear foot of fence line. This amount would vary according to the factors discussed above.


Cost to Install Goat Fencing: Conclusion

The exact cost to install goat fencing in your farm will depend on many different factors like the type of fencing, the size of your farm and also the type of goat breed. But you can expect to pay an approximate of about $2.5 per linear foot of fence line.

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