7 Best Marketing Tips from Real Farmers- Best Livestock Farming Tips for 2023

marketing tips from real farmers

Marketing Tips from Real Farmers-Introduction

Farming livestock is not an easy task. But all your hard work will be in vain if you don’t find the means to market them properly. Bad marketing would mean low profit and an overall unsuccessful farm. 

So here are some of the best tried and tested marketing tips to bring in more profit for your farm!

Marketing Tips from Real Farmers

It is important to identify your market

Know the type of consumers who are most likely to buy your product. For example, are you selling goat milk? (I will be using goat’s milk as an example)There is a popular market for goat milk, but people should be ready to pay more for your milk than cow’s milk. 

Goat’s milk is sought after by people who are health conscious. So are your consumers willing to make the purchase based on the merits of goat milk? 

It is important to identify your target market, the kind of people who will buy your products and why.


Create your niche in the market.

You could be selling goat’s milk, and every farm around you might also be doing the same. So what will make the consumers prefer your milk to that of others? 

You must try to create your own niche in the market. You could market for organic goat milk, which would have a better reach. You could also market the unique flavor and aroma of your milk. For instance, if you have Oberhasli goat milk, it has a unique flavor and taste. You can market the nature and type of your goat. Get your goats familiarized with the consumers by name. Describe their characteristics and behaviors etc. 


Create your farm name and logo.

This helps a lot in creating a place for yourself in the market. 

Launch a website.

Online marketing is one of the most important tools for successful marketing today. Use this website to share pictures of how hygienic your farm is, to promote the fact that you are taking care of your animals well, and that the milk is free of contaminants.

Make an individual post about your special goats with their photos. Keep posting pictures and updating the public about your farm activities whenever a new kid is born. Create regular blog posts. This will help create transparency that consumers will like. They will prefer to buy from a place they know well rather than a farm they are not familiar with. 


Join farm associations.

This not only helps to boost your knowledge about farming but also brings you across valuable customers. You will also learn farming and marketing tips. It’s always best to be involved with the farming community. 

Advertise your products well.

Invest in advertising, and it will bring you extra profit. It might also be worthwhile to have a farming consultant oversee what you do. 

Offer delivery services.

In 2023, a lot of online marketing will be based on delivery services. If you are able to deliver your milk and eggs to the doorstep of your consumers, you will be able to gain more profit this way. Offering delivery creates a direct marketing opportunity. If you sell this same product to a store, they are bound to demand a lower price. The profit bonus from direct marketing can also be offered to the consumers in the form of price discounts or free delivery. 


Marketing Tips From Real Farmers: Conclusion

Just as it is important to sell quality products, it is also important to market them in the correct way. Advertising, analyzing your market and creating a niche in your community are some ways to market your products for more profit.  

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